Season 1 Season 2
The Tower
The Tower
Location: Viennese, France
Residents: Queen Catherine

Queen Mary

Episode: Pilot
Description: Where all public discussions and decisions are made.

The Tower is where people are locked up at the discretion of The Royal Family.

Season OneEdit


Royal Blood

  • Nostradamus was accused by King Henry, and locked up for allegedly having an affair with the Queen.

No Exit

Toy Soldiers

  • Penelope was locked in the tower by Queen Catherine, while she claimed to be pregnant with the king's child. She was soon released by the Queen, and sent to Italy.

Season TwoEdit


The Siege

  • General Renaude was held for High Treason agenst the Crown. He was hanged for his crimes.


  • Louis Condé was held for High Treason agenst the Crown. However he eventual escaped.


  • Queen Catherine was locked up for over one month.
  • Nostradamus was locked away for a couple days.
  • Queen Mary was locked away for a couple days.
  • Penelope was locked away for three to four weeks.
  • Greer was locked away for a couple hours.
  • General Renaude was locked away for 2 days.
  • Louis Condé was locked away for a couple days.
    • It it undetermined if Nostradamus was locked in the Tower, or the dungeon.

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