The Red Knights
The Red Knights
Location: Kingdom of France
Episode: No Way Out

The Red Knights are a group of 13 men on horseback representing 13 Noble men that King Henry had executed instead of paying them back the money the kingdom owed them. He did this against Queen Catherine's council. After she discovered their heads were spiked with red Xs on their faces in the front yard Catherine had them quietly removed before dawn. However, before she could, Henry woke up his oldest son, Sebastian and showed him.

Season 3Edit

The Red Knights interrupted an Italian play that was being performed for The Royal Family to threaten Queen Catherine, and remind her of the 13 red men. [1] [2]

Later Christophe and Catherine saw 12 men on horseback before a 13th threw an arrow with a message to Catherine on it. Threatening revenge.

In 'Safe Passage', The Red Knights poisoned thirteen Noble men whom were having dinner with King Henry and Queen Catherine, to celebrate their repayment the kingdom owed them. This will frame the Royal Family, making everyone believe they killed the Noble men instead of repaying.

Known Rivalries;

References Edit

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