Season 2
The King and Queen's Chambers
The King and Queen's Chambers
Location: Kingdom of France
Primary Users: King Francis and Queen Mary
Episode: Drawn and Quartered
Description: Where Francis & Mary's joint bed chambers are located.

The King and Queen's Chambers are where Francis & Mary sleep and conducted private business. Only close friends are permuted access.

Season TwoEdit

Drawn and Quartered

The Lamb and the Slaughter

  • Francis and Mary had sexual relations together after Mary announced her pregnancy.

Blood for Blood

  • Francis admitted to lying about seeing his baby. Later, Mary & Francis had a huge fight.

Three Queens

  • Mary and Francis acted cordial together, in spite of their fight the other day.

Acts of War

  • Queen Mary was raped he her room by Protestant rebels.


  • Queen Mary moves back to her old chambers

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