Season 1 Season 2
The Ballroom
Francis n Mary's Reception II
Location: Kingdom of France
Episode: Pilot
Description: Where Large events are celebrated

The Ballroom is located withing the Kingdom of France and is used to celebrate large parties. events, and wedding receptions.

Season 1Edit

Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding was celebrated late into the night.

In honor of Archangel Michael, The Michaelmas Banquette was celebrated in the September of 1557.

Queen Mary and Prince Francis celebrated their Wedding

The First Light Banquette took place in the Winter of 1558.

Lola and Lord Julien celebrated their wedding in 1558.

The Feast of St. Nicolas was in Celebrating Saint Nicholas on December 6, 1559.

The Winter’s Ease Feast was to mark the end of Winter, also known as First Bloom.


The following are a list parties and wedding receptions that have been celebrated.

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