Season 4


WARNING: Major and Minor Spoilers Ahead!!

This is your last warning Royals!

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  • Prince Henri will be recast with an older actor and have more notable role, between ages 18-21. [1]

New Characters

  • Queen Leeza (Anastasia Phillips ) Currently casting for Catherine's plain Jane daughter. Surprisingly, even though Leesa has considerable power, she is the least favorite of her children.[2]
  • Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) A nobleman with a blood-claim to the English throne. Has a wildly ambitious mother whose love hinges entirely on his ability to secure a crown. He hopes to become Mary’s second husband, a union could take down Elizabeth, giving them not just one nation, but two. [1]
  • Lord Bothwell (Adam Croasdell) A warm-hearted bad boy who's deeply in love with Mary.[1]
  • Prince Henri (Nick Slater) will be recast with an older actor and have more notable role, aged 18-21. [1]
  • Luc Narcisse (Steve Lund) Narcisse is going to start plotting to marry his son off to Princess Claude the minute he returns to the French Court.[3]

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