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Season 3

New Characters

  • Alexandra played by Sarah Claire Alan has been confirmed via Twitter. [7]
  • Lady Constance (Jordan Monaghan) Knows the power her charm, and immediately catchS the eye of Charles.[8]
  • William Cecil (Tom Everett Scott) A trusted advisor to the English Queen. [9]
  • Lady Donatella (Cristina Rosato) - She works for Queen Elizabeth of England. [10]
  • Don Carlos (Ben Geurens) - Spain’s sexy and charming prince. With aspirations to be king (a good one) and very specific sexual taste, Don Carlos will prove a point of intrigue and desire for the royals. [5]
  • Martin de Lambert (Saamer Usmani) - a fearless and dangerous pirate who arrives at French court. Capable of going toe-to-toe with monarchs in a relaxed way, Martin is good at getting women into bed and leaving them glad they shared the experience. [5]
  • Nicholas (Nick Lee) - a charming man who is appointed by Queen Elizabeth to be England’s ambassador to France. Little does Mary know, Nicholas is also a spy for her rival, and has a deep grudge against her. [5]
  • Amy Dudley - (Clara Pasieka) - Married to Robert Dudley, Amy is concerned over her marriage. Robert spends much of his time with Elizabeth and rumors suggest that their friendship is more then just that. Despite these rumors, Amy fights to keep her marriage alive, even against impossible odds. [4]
  • Robert Dudley - (Charlie Carrick) Married to Amy Dudley and the favorite of Elizabeth. Robert has known Elizabeth since they were children and both hide secrets known only to them. Despite wanting to move on from his past with Elizabeth, she uses her power to keep him close. [4]
  • Charles IX Of France (Spencer MacPherson) - Charles is the Dauphin of France. Described as mischievous and a party-boy, he has recently returned from Spain to be taught by Francis. Francis’ time is running out however and Charles is not interested in partaking in his lessons. [4]
  • Munro (John Barrowman) a dangerous and charismatic Scottish clan leader who harbors a grudge against the Queen of Scots. (Munro cost Francis his life.) [6]

Season Two

Read the interview by Laurie McCarthy about what to expect after the Christmas break, HERE.

  • Major Character Death.
  • Open Marriage
    • an unknown couple will have an open marriage. Along with snippets below. . [13]

What’s going to happen to Condé on Reign now that his brother is causing trouble?
The political drama between the families will “come to a boiling point with some pretty intense results,” - Sean Teale [14]
Is Condé is as good as he seems.
“There are multiple shades to everyone on this show. And a lot of the situations that come up bring up the best and worst in people.” - Sean Teale [14]

  • Laurie McCarthy give an interview and reveals, an unknown couple will have an open marriage. Along with snippets below. [13]

Mary and Francis:
"It's going to be hard for her to separate this night's events from the political turmoil that she feels Francis is somewhat responsible for and that is going to affect her marriage as deeply as her intimacy issues." For Francis, "He's going to have a very harsh reaction, a very impulsive reaction to it. He's deeply pained by it and desperate to make things right."

Mary and Catherine:
Their dynamic was shifting a little bit anyway. She (Catherine) has come to admire Mary, she views her with great respect and after this, she's really going to feel a bond toward Mary."

(Catherine) She's ruthless, she's cunning and she's protective of her own power and the power of her children. I wouldn't say that this is going to soften her character, but it's definitely paid off a dynamic between Catherine and Mary that has really become a familiar dynamic."

Lola and Lord Narcisse:
"They're really fun. What I love about that dynamic is that she's really attracted to him and she'd very much like to explore a sexual relationship with him, but she's really wondering what kind of creepy things he's into! (Laughs.) There are many reasons not to go too far with Narcisse…she's both kind of appalled and intrigued and unnerved by him."

Bash and Kenna:
"They are two very different people who deeply love each other, but their differences are going to rise up. We have a new character coming to town in the form of Antoine, who's introduced in the 10th episode, and he's going to play a role in what will be a great test of their marriage. Kenna has a thing for kings; I think that won't go away."

Greer and Castleroy:
"We are tilting in the direction that inadvertently her husband donated money to a curse that wound up really damaging one of her closest friends and her Queen. There are going to ramifications for that and they are going to be life-altering for Greer and Castleroy."

Season One

Spoilers, last half of Season One

  • Mary might be pregnant with Francis' baby. Producers are still deciding. [17]

  • "Things will come to a terrible head” for one of the show’s couples later this season" - Producer Laurie McCarthy [18]

Season Two have been greenlighted

  • Torrance Coombs hints Bash might just get cozy with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting in a future episode. “There’s a strong possibility of that,” he says, but “maybe not in the way that you think.” [16]

  • Reign to Expose Uncensored Consummation Online. The online cut will differ in the editing of two sex scenes, one which occurs at the top of the hour and one airing toward the end and involving Mary her husband.[15]

  • Frary will remain in tact for the foreseeable future, as Bash is going to find himself preoccupied with other — far darker — problems. But that doesn’t mean Francis’ fling with Lola won’t come back to bite him. [19]

  • Re: Mash. Mary may be married to Francis, but Lola’s extramarital bun in the oven isn’t going to make for wedded bliss. “As long as that secret exists, Mary is going to be lying to her husband. It’s not just Lola’s future that’s at stake, but also Mary’s future with Francis. There’s something very exciting that happens in the next few episodes that will alter the balance of that situation.” - Anna Popplewell. * Frary will remain in tact for the foreseeable future, as Bash is going to find himself preoccupied with other — far darker — problems. But that doesn’t mean Francis’ fling with Lola won’t come back to bite him. [20]

  • Anna Popplewell says about Lola; "...the implications of that would either be her giving the child to Francis or possibly remaining at Court for the rest of her life" and "...There are definitely more time jumps between now and the end of the season, and we’ll be moving the plot along very rapidly." and "...Life expectancy was not the same then as it is now, so people are really dropping like flies." [21]

  • Alan van Sprang says about King Henry; "...Everyone else in Court, his kids and wife, think he’s nuts. And something is wrong with him, though I don’t know what that is. We’ve almost finished the season, and I don’t know what’s wrong with him" "...As he tries to move forward, Scotland and England will also be affected, but no one more than his own family" and "...Catherine is now Henry’s crutch, someone he needs to confide in. He needs her to answer questions for him. All of a sudden, people are dying around him and he can’t solve the problem on his own; he knows that Catherine can. She’s absolutely the person she needs in his life." and "no one’s given me the death stare yet." [22]

  • Mary becomes one of the many targets of King Henry's erratic behaviour later in the season. [23]

  • The Darkness "begins to encroach on the castle through various means and remains a prevalent focal point for Sebastian." [23]

  • Mary's half brother, James Stuart arrives to take her back to Scotland, Her uncles, Duke of Guise shows up with more news about Scotland, and major news reaches Mary's ear about her mother. [23]

  • Of the Season Final Laurie McCarthy says; "There will be an incredible payoff and a shocking ending for Mary and Francis, as well as Bash and Kenna" AND "The king’s madness will also escalate in a shocking way". [15]


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