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Sebastian and Catherine
Sebastian and Catherine
Real Names: Lord Sebastian
Queen Catherine
Ages: 17 & 29
Status: Complicated

Husband's Son.

Length of Relationship:

17 years


Kingdom of France

First appearance: Pilot

"Why are you helping me?"
Queen Catherine

Early lifeEdit

Season OneEdit

Season Two Edit

When a match is arranged for Claude, Bash goes to Catherine and urges her to show love to her daughter. She assures him how much her children mean to him, and brings up the fact that Claude once seduced him. She asks him if Claude implored him to help her against this match, to which he replies he encouraged her to accept it as a new opportunity in life.

Bash finds Catherine out in the garden freezing and carries her back to the castle. He tells her the truth about the nanny framing Claude for the deaths of her twins. When Catherine blames herself, he tries to console her, and when she mentions a chapel that had been given to his own mother, he suddenly suspects that his mother was behind the twins' deaths. He leaves, but they look at one another and smile. She later hears Bash has taken back land he was going to give to his mother and told her to go, and realizes as he did that Diane killed the twins.

Season ThreeEdit


Queen Catherine: You know that Bash isn't really your brother. just your father's son. [1]

Queen Catherine: I hid, waiting. It's all very thrilling, but let's save that tale for later. [2]

Queen Catherine: Make sure they have a hot bath when they get home. They’re both blue with cold you hear me. [2]

Queen Catherine: Why are you helping me?
Sebastian: That’s a very good question. [3]

Queen Catherine: So much for your investigatory skills!
Sebastian: I helped you and Claude!
Princess Claude: You're just angry with hime because Diane was here. [4]

Queen Catherine: You are offering me a kindness, a consideration I have rarely shown to you over the years. [5]

Sebastian: The butcher still insists on his innocents.
Queen Catherine: As all men do before they swing. [6]

Queen Catherine: We need to keep the servants quiet. Bash, gather them up. Offer them brides for their silence. If they refuse tell them I will cut off their heads! [7]

Sebastian: Since you are the real king of France. Consider this my resignations as your Deputy. [7]



References Edit

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