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This page is dedicated to notable Quotes from Season Three of Reign.

Queen MaryEdit

Queen CatherineEdit

Queen Catherine: Well surely you don’t blame me.
Queen Leeza: All I know is the Prince of Spain come to France whole. And when he left he had an enormous piece of wood sticking out of his skull.
Queen Catherine: That is not true! We had our finest surgeon remove. [1]

Princess Claude: You don’t want me to marry Martel either?
Queen Catherine: I had his father killed, do you think I want him rising in station?! [1]

Queen ElizabethEdit

Queen Elizabeth: Tell your son to come to court. Or I will have him dragged here. On his knees. [1]


Lord NarcisseEdit

Princess ClaudeEdit

Queen Catherine: It’s fine. A daughter joining her mother for an evening stroll is hardly a crime.
Princess Claude: No, but murder is! [1]

Queen Catherine: The tears might be a bit much.
Princess Claude: The tears are real! [1]

King CharlesEdit

Robert DudleyEdit


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