This page is dedicated to notable Quotes from Season Three of Reign.

Queen MaryEdit

Queen Mary: Men forget, that woman have ears. [1]

Mary Stuart: My child will be heir to her throne, to both Nations.

Gideon Blackburn: Mary, this is a course you cannot step back from. And if you take it, I fear I am looking at a dead woman.
Mary Stuart: We all die Gideon. The question is what we stood for while we lived. [2]

Mary Stuart: All though I am curious. Have you already named our children? Or did you leave that part for me?
James Stuart: Well, I hope one of them will be called James. After our father. [3]

Mary Stuart: I’ll be honest Lord Darnley. I did nor expect to like you. But I do. [3]

Queen CatherineEdit

Queen Catherine: Well surely you don’t blame me.
Queen Leeza: All I know is the Prince of Spain come to France whole. And when he left he had an enormous piece of wood sticking out of his skull.
Queen Catherine: That is not true! We had our finest surgeon remove. [4]

Princess Claude: You don’t want me to marry Martel either?
Queen Catherine: I had his father killed, do you think I want him rising in station?! [4]

Queen Catherine: Why Claude, how nice of you to take time out of your grievance to mock me. [1]

Queen Catherine: Charles if I could have a moment...
King Charles: Not now, I need some air.
Queen Catherine: While you can breathe while I talk. [1]

Queen Leeza: I received word from my husband, King Philip...
Queen Catherine: I’m aware who you married Leeza, you don’t have to keep saying it. [1]

Queen Leeza: After all, in Spain, we are a kind and accepting people.
Queen Catherine: Yes, the inquisition thought everyone that. [2]

Queen Catherine: Enough. God himself has seen much worse and survived. [3]

Queen Catherine: Luc may appear to be a decent man. But I've learned never trust the beginning of a book. [3]

Queen Catherine: I may not be able to get you back from a nunnery. But when the time is right. I can make you a widow. [3]

Queen ElizabethEdit

Queen Elizabeth: Tell your son to come to court. Or I will have him dragged here. On his knees. [4]

Queen Elizabeth: Why were you up all night with a child?
Gideon Blackburn: Because I am a window. As you know. [3]


Lord NarcisseEdit

Lord Narcisse: I must admit, since first hearing of it I have given a great deal of thought to Claude in a nunnery.
Queen Catherine: Why?
Lord Narcisse: Because it arouses me. [3]

Princess ClaudeEdit

Queen Catherine: It’s fine. A daughter joining her mother for an evening stroll is hardly a crime.
Princess Claude: No, but murder is! [4]

Queen Catherine: The tears might be a bit much.
Princess Claude: The tears are real! [4]

Gideon BlackburnEdit

Gideon Blackburn: I'm asking you to marry me. but I’m begging you to save your own life. [2]

Gideon Blackburn: Tell me this. Do you think we can be happy together?
Mary Stuart: Yes.
Gideon Blackburn: For tonight. That’s all I need to know. [2]

Queen Elizabeth: Why were you up all night with a child?
Gideon Blackburn: Because I am a window. As you know. [3]

James StuartEdit

James Stuart: You invited me here because you think of me, as often as I think of you.
Emily Knox: Sir. You are too bold. [3]

King CharlesEdit


Lord Darnley: If I am King for only as long as you live, then I say long live the Queen. [3]

Queen Leeza: May matrimony set you on a more honorable path. God will be watching should you stray from it. As he does all of his creatures. Thank you, your Majesty. God should be pleased to know that I have every intention of providing a happy life for Claude. [3]

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