Rose Castleroy
Rose Castleroy
Biographical Information
Real Name: Rose Castleroy
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: France
Current Location: Scotland
Parents: Greer Norwood (Mother)

Martin de Lambert (Father)
Aloysius Castleroy (Step-Father)

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Highland Games

Character Flag - Scotland Female

Rose Castleroy is the product of a one-night stand between her mother, Greer Norwood and her father, Martin de Lambert. She is being raised by her mother and step-father Aloysius Castleroy in France.

Season 3Edit

After meeting at French Court Greer Norwood and Martin de Lambert spend the night together after Martin expressed his interest in marrying Greer. Claiming any children they have would not have to be ashamed of their parent's careers options. Him as a pirate, and her a madam. However, Martin left days later after Greer realized she's be lied to. [1]

After Greer realized she is secretly pregnant with Martin de Lambert's baby, she planned to give it to her sister Ellen Norwood. [2]

Months into the pregnancy, and after seeing Martin again, Greer and Martin are considering raising their child. [3]

Not long after, Greer decided to keep her unborn baby. [4]

Mary Stuart arranged to have Lord Castleroy broken out of prison, after finding out Greer was pregnant. The couple left the capital together to raise Greer's baby. [5]

Season 4Edit

Rose was born and lived in France along with her step-father Lord Castleroy. and mother. [6]

Rose has since been moved to Scotland and lives with her mother Greer under the protection of Mary Stuart. [7]

References Edit

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