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Robert Norwood
Robert Norwood
Biographical Information
Real Name: Robert Norwood
Age: 35
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Linlithgow, Scotland
Current Location: Linlithgow
Wife: Unnamed
Family: Ellen Norwood (Daughter)

Greer Norwood (Daughter)
Ainsley Norwood (Daughter)
Colleen Norwood (Daughter)
1 Unnamed Daughter

Affiliations: Scottish

House of Norwood

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'11
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Toy Soldiers
Portrayed by: Ari Cohen

"Had I know it would take so long for you to marry I would have started trying when you were younger."
Robert Norwood

Robert Norwood is the father of Greer, Ainsley, Colleen and Ellen, and one other daughter. He owns a mining field but they have since dried up, and is in need of money.


He is a very strict father who views his daughters more as burdens to marry off, rather than children.

Early LifeEdit

Robert married his wife and they have five daughters together, much to his dismay.

Season 1Edit

Robert took two of his daughter with him when he went to France to meet his oldest child's new fiancé. He had sent her a husband to marry already, but she has messed things up with him, and he'd refused to marry her. While in France he was hoping to try and marry off the two daughter's he'd brought with him. He had not seen Greer in over a year, but was still not pleased to see her. Two of her friends, and the Queen of Scotland were already married.

Inside the castle Robert met his daughter's new fiancé. Lord Castleroy was older, but Robert didn't mind. As long as they married. Much to his delight the man decline his right for a dowerly for marrying his daughter. This was a wounderful surprise.

A week later at dinner Robert was having a nice conversation with Lord Castleroy when his daughter interrupted. After putting her in her place, Lord Castleroy became annoyed with him. Reminding hims that, though Greer was his child, she was also his fiancé and was to be treated with respect. Lord Castleroy then told them he knew of their financial trouble, and wanted to give his 4 remaining daughter money for their own dowery payment so they could marry for love when they were ready. Robert was incredibly pleased with this.


  • His favourite animals are hounds, and they were always allowed in the house. [1]
  • Toy Soldiers took place over a couple weeks. Robert and his family lived at the French Court for 3-6 weeks.
  • His wife was mentioned to being in attendance at Greer's wedding.[2]
  • After loosing the dower promised from Lord Castleroy, Robert married his remaining daughters off to anyone with a title, regardless of wealth. [3]

References Edit

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