The following is a list of movies and TV shows realting to Mary Stuart herself, her family, or the events that came before, and/or during her lifetime.

The Other Boleyn GirlEdit

The following Royals are featured, or mentioned in The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory written in 2001. However most of the show takes place during King James V, and King Henry VIII's reign.

King Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Princess Elizabeth
King James V
Mary Stuart


The Following are not related to the Stuart, or Tudor dynastic but are interesting Hollywood period pieces of note based off other real Royals.

Marie AntoinetteEdit

Marie Antoinette The last Queen of France, by Evelyn Lever.

The DuchessEdit

The Duchess of Duchess of Devonshire, Amanda Foreman.

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