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The Lamb and the Slaughter
Sebastian and Francis - Snakes

The Lamb and the Slaughter
In the latest episode of Reign. Mary examines her relationship with Lola in light of the upcoming christening, with Francis’ illegitimate child serving as both a bond and an obstacle between them.

Sebastian and Francis
Have an incredibly strong brotherly bond for each other. Though their relationship has been strained for the last couple of months, they have recovered from it, now with the death of their father, they will need each other more so than ever before.

First Episode

After an assassination attempt on 15-year old Mary Stuart the nuns send the Queen of Scotland to France. Leaving the convent where she has been living in since she was nine after an earlier failed attempt on her life. Having an alliance with France and an engagement with the Dauphin, Prince Francis II. Mary is then brought to French court for her safety where she is reunited with her friends and ladies-in-waiting, that have come to serve her from Scotland.

Shortly after Mary's arrival, she discovers that her marriage to the Francis is not assured, which threatens the safety of her country. Meanwhile, Queen Catherine's adviser, Nostradamus, has a vision showing Mary's marriage to Francis will lead to his death. Concerned for her son's life, Catherine arranges for a boy named Colin, to drug and rape Mary in her sleep, to ruin Mary's reputation and end their engagement. However, Mary is warned by a mysterious figure and manages to stop the rape from happening. Before she could question Colin though, he is executed upon the order of the King and Queen of France. Read more >

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What are you most excited to see in Three Queens:
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Most Exciting New Plot: Sebastian and Kenna, hope the don't die - by 47%
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