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Queen Mary's Room
Mary's Room 1
Location: Kingdom of France
Primary Users: Mary Stuart
Episode: Pilot
Description: Where Sebastian bed chambers are located.

Queen Mary's Room is a bedroom at French Court where Mary Stuart slept during her time at French Court. There is a tunnel attached to the room that leads to a series of complex passageways and is where Mary first encounters the supposed castle ghost, Clarissa

Season OneEdit


Snakes in the Garden

  • Mary sees a servant wearing her dress, who then appears to falls to the floor dead.

Left Behind

  • Mary asks Clarissa if she can find a path to the stages, for everyone to get out of theca castle.



Dirty Laundry

  • Bash meets Mary in her room, to ask if Francis tried to have him killed. Later Mary puts a candle in her room for him to come meet with her.


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