Protestant †
Real Name: Protestant
Affiliations: Kingdom of England Flag - England

Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
Kingdom of France Flag - France

Protestantism is the form of Christian faith and practice that originated with the Protestant Reformation. A movement against The Catholic Church, for what Protestants considered to be the errors in their faith.


Kingdom of England

Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France

  • Henry Tudor of England Henry changed the face of England's Religion to marry Anne Boleyn. Years after he executed her, Henry's declared himself Catholic once more.
  • Anne Boleyn of England was raised Catholic but agreed to becoming a Protestant in order to marry King Henry VIII while his first wife was still alive. (Catholic's do not believe in divorce)
  • Mary Tudor was King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's only surviving heir. She publicly declared herself Protestant after years of being ignored by her father for not renouncing her faith. After being threatened with exiled from England, she agreed. When Mary became Queen she when on a massive rampage agents Protestant, and become know as Bloody Mary.
  • Charles Schuler of the Kingdom of Germany is a German Duke who agree to supply the Kingdom of France with grain in return for the freedom of his protestant friends.
  • Aloysius Castleroy is the 16th in line for the throne, and an incredibly rich man. He recently converted to parasitism after his oldest's daughter's death.
  • Emile Condé was the nephew of Louis Condé who was sent to live with his uncle, his mother believing the French Court to be more tolerant.
  • Louis Condé was raised Catholic, but in recent years began to convert.
  • The Minister was the man who held church service in a barn, and then killed in order to become a marder for the people.
  • Severin Was raised catholic, but after the murder of his son, became a Protestant rebel.
  • Jacob Rivell was always secretly a Protestant, and working with the rebels.


  • Pope Clement VII not only saved Catherine de' Medici from being held hostage and raped when she was a child, but prior to that, he had raised and housed her after the death of her parents and grandparents when she was 4.

Historical NotesEdit

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