Royal title like Prince, or Queen, ect. goes in front of the name if they were born into that role.

Ex 1.) Queen Mary (She was born a princess, and 6 days later a Queen)
Ex 2.) A more modern version would be Prince William and Prince Harry of England.

However if they were married into that role or position, than their names would go first, followed by the title.

Ex 1.) Catherine, Queen of France. (She was a rich noble woman who married a future King)
Ex 2.) A more modern version would be Diana, Princess of Wales.

Being a Noble and having a Title are two different things. Both are rich, and both can be considered a noble woman or man. But a person always get more credit for having a title.

Ex. 1) Greer Noorwood is rich but has no title. Once married goes by husband's name as Lady Castleroy.
EX. 2) Kenna was born into her position, so goes by Lady Kenna even after she is married.

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