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Character Flag - France ♔ Male Prince Dauphin of France Season 1 Season 3 Season 4
Prince Henry
Henry III
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Henry III of France
Real Name: Henry Valois of France
Title: The Dauphin of France

Henry Valois of France
Prince Henry

Born: 19 September 1551
Age: 7
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Paris, France
Parents: King Henry II(Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Family: Sebastian (Half-brother)

King Francis(Brother)
Queen Elisabeth (Sister)
Princess Claude (Sister)
Prince Louis(Brother)
King Charles (Brother)
Princess Henriette(Sister)
Princess Emone(Sister)

Affiliations: French Court

House of Valois

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 4'6
Status: Alive
Signature: Prince Henry Jr.'s Signature
Character Information
First appearance: Left Behind
Portrayed by: Tomaso Sanelli

Jackson Hodge-Carter (Season 1)


Charles’ younger brother Prince Henry, is being recast and aged up. Described as “sexy, clever and ambitious,” Henry (now 18-21 years old) isn’t thrilled to see his sibling on the throne. He also has very “particular tastes,” including women… and women’s jewels.

Prince Henry is the youngest son of King Henry and Queen Catherine of France. He has unofficially become the newest Dauphin of France.

Must See EpisodesEdit


Prince Henry is a very shy child. He doesn't say much and seems to fall in line with his older brother Charles, as they are both so close in age.

Early LifeEdit

Henry was the last son born to Queen Catherine and her estranged husband King Henry. He was surprisingly named after his father, though it is very common in Royal family to do this, it was to the Courts understanding, the couple is, or had been for a long time, drifting apart. The naming of little Henry may have been the Queen's last effort to get the attention from the king that she was looking for.

Season 1Edit

Left Behind - Charles n Henry Jr.

Playing together

Henry was playing with his older brother Charles with their oldest brother Francis is in the room. Count Vincent came in and played with them for a while. After speaking with his oldest brother he left.

Left Behind - Charles n Henry Jr. II

Getting ready to run.

That night Francis' orders Henry and Charles to stand by a window, and now matter what happened, they were not allowed to turn around. But at the sound of a man screaming they did. Charles covered Henry's eye so he would not see the fight between Francis and some other man. Once the fight was over, Francis order them both to quickly follow him. He lead them to a secret passage in a wall and they, along with the rest of the castles' residence went thought. They eventually came out the other side at the horse stables.

Royal Blood - 4 - Charles n Henry

Going to the Winter Festival

Henry, and Charles were very excited to have you been invited by Mary, to go to The Winter Frost Festival. They rode with her in a carriage as Charles and Mary talked. The three of them were interrupted by rioters, who didn't want to see their bloodline on the throne. The men surrounded their carriage, and began trying to overturn it. Mary had Charles and Henry dropped to the floor. After being rescued and sent back to the castle, Charles and Henry played together in Charles's room.

The next morning their half-brother Sebastian surprised them by bringing the Winter Festival to them. So excited they both ran off to try of their own masks. During the Winter Festival, Sebastian had instructed to boys to seek off into a carriage, and that they were being taken to Italy.

They hid in the back of a straw wagon, and stopped at nightfall for food. Charles told the driver he was cold, and he went to grab a blanket, however never return. Instead Clarissa appeared, she told them how he wanted them all to be a family, and had Henry and his brother walk with her.

Royal Blood - 38 - Charles n Henry

Something bad is happening

The next morning as they watch the sunrise by the lake, Clarissa told them to go find as many rocks as they could. She wanted them to fill their pockets full of them, then go for swim. Charles tried to tell her he couldn't swim, but she ignored him. The boys both started to feel scared, but had nowhere to go. To their amazement, their mother, brother Sebastian, and Mary all showed up. Charles and Henry ran for their mom, but Charles was caught by Clarissa. Henry wasn't sure what happened, and his brother made sure to keep him hidden behind his cloak. However when it was all over, Charles was safe, and the woman was nowhere in sight.

Once they were safe and back up the hill, their mother made sure they were all and bundled up. She sent them off with their brother Sebastian, and warned him to make sure they get a bath when they get home. Their brother took them to an waiting carriage to go back to the castle.


  • Henry Jr. has yet to speak.
  • Henry would actually be 6 years old in his first appearance.

Historical NotesEdit

  • King Henry III was born Edward Alexander of France.
  • He was not the youngest; Hercules Francis, Duke of Anjou was the youngest, but he died young.
  • He was his mother's, Catherine de' Medici's favourite son.
  • King Henry III was the fourth son of King Henry II and would become King Charles IX's successor in 1560.
  • After King Charles IX's death, personally made sure his widow, mistress and bastard son were all cared for.
  • Was King of Poland, and Grand Duke of Lithuania for two years, before becoming king of France.
  • Became King of France when he was 22 years old, and ruled for 15 years.
  • Assassination when he was 37 years old.
  • King Henry III was the last King of France from the Valois Dynasty.


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