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Pope Clement VII †
Pope Clement VII
Biographical Information
Real Name: Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici
Title: Cardinal Giulio de' Medici

Pope Clement VII
Head of the Catholic Church

Born: 26 May 1478
Dies: 25 September 1534
Age: 56
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Florence, Italy
Family: Catherine de' Medici
(Unofficial Adopted Daughter)
Affiliations: Italy

The Catholic Church
House of Medici

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Left Behind (Mentioned)

Pope Clement VII raised his armies to save a young Catherine de' Medici, who later became the Queen of France. Pope Clement found Catherine back in Rome with tears in his eyes after her liberation.

Early Life

Pope Clement VII refused to annul the marriage of King Henry VIII of England, thus prompting the English Reformation, and England ceased communication with Rome.

Season 1

Left Behind - (Mentioned)
Count Vincent asked where the glasses with the golden rims from Pope Clement were.

Queen Catherine talks about her childhood, and how Pope Clement VII was the one to save her when her home had been taken over by rebels, and liberated her after she had been held captive for years.


  • Pope Clement VII profile picture can be seen in Catherine's chambers in Left Behind.

Historical Notes

  • Pope Clement VII not only saved Catherine de' Medici from being held hostage and raped when she was a child, but prior to that, he had raised and housed her after the death of her parents and grandparents when she was 4.
  • Catherine de' Medici is his first cousin, twice removed.
  • His life was saved by The Swiss Guards during The Sack of Rome led agents him by Charles V.
  • Pope Clement VII crowned Charles V who was King Philip's father. Catherine's daughter, Elisabeth would marry Philip years later in celebration of the end of The Italian Wars.
  • Pope Clement and Catherine referred to each other as "Father" and "Daughter".

Historical Figure

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