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Nostradamus and Catherine

Nostradamus has visions of the future, and according to Sebastian most, if not all come true.

"That's all I was given, you know no more that I."


  • "If Francis and Mary wed, it will cost young Francis' his life"


  • "The cost of war will reach inside the castle walls"

- Sebastian is seriously wounded after an ambush when sending off troops to Scotland. [1]

  • '"'The lion will fight the dragon on the field of poppies"

- Sebastian fought Tomås in a field of poppied and killed him. Sebastian's symbol is a lion, while Tomås' is that of a dragon. [2]

Lady Lola

  • "You'll meet a dark handsome stranger. bewarery of facury."

- Lola met 'Lord Julien' who turned out not to be who he said he was [3]

Mary Stuart

  • "Life will offer many challenges, you will meet them with grace"

Greer Norwood

  • You'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face

- - At the end of the episode, Leith wipes his flour covered hand over his cheek, leaving a white mark. [1]

Lady Aylee

  • "You'll never go home"

- - Lady Aylee drinks tea that was intended for Lady Kenna, and after getting sick is murdered by Clarissa. [4]


  • Nostradamus witnessed Mary and Francis is bed together talking about their children. However they were talking about their future and were only a year into their marriage. Francis died in Marry's arms.

No ExitEdit

  • Nostradamus saw Olivia and a group of other people dead as the castle, all piled together.

- -This was The Black Plague coming to France. [5]

Drawn and QuarteredEdit

References Edit

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