Narcisse and Lola
Narcisse and Lola
Real Names: Lord Stéphane Narcisse
Lady Lola
Ages: 18 & 35
Status: Together


Length of Relationship:

2 Years


Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Scotland

First appearance: Coronation

Couples Married Season 2 Season 3
"Well fruit often taste sweeter when it's forbidden."
Stéphane Narcisse

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit



Narcisse: You asked me what I liked about baths. I suppose it's the vulnerability, the sense of comfort one feels covered, embraced, when in fact one is quite exposed. Why are you here? [12]

Lady Lola: Do not seek to take before I give! [12]

Lord Narcisse: Oh wait, what is that? I see in the distance? Is that someone coming to your aid...
No. Sorry. Perhaps it's a very big wolf.
Lady Lola: You're the wolf. [13]

Lady Lola: Are you suggesting we meet in secret? Like thieves. Or adulterers.
Lord Narcisse: Well fruit often taste sweeter when it's forbidden. [13]

Lord Narcisse: I take no pleasure in being right, especially as I may have been wrong about other issues. What happened tonight was reckless. It was the act of a people who feel that they have nothing to lose. To rob people of hope is a dangerous mistake and I suspect it may be my doing.
Lola: Through your pressure on Francis.
Lord Narcisse: I feel this nation is burning and I am the man who lit the match. [14]

Lady Lola: I can’t believe you're making these suggestions. The king discredited you, you don’t even have a house now.[15]

(Lola finds Narcisse making out with Princess Claude)
Lady Lola: I just saw Narcisse with Claude.
Lady Kenna: In there!? Really...Oh I’m so sorry!![15]

Lady Lola: He didn’t even offer me a bath! And he always offers a bath. [16]

Lord Narcisse: Careful, Lady Lola. Tongues less discreet than my own will wag. [17]

Lady Lola: You said you cared about me-
Lord Narcisse: I say a great many things. The mistake was yours, in trusting me. [18]

Lord Narcisse: Do you think because we shared a few moments you saw the good in me that no one else had ever seen before? [18]

Lady Lola: You hut me to please your lover! [19]

Lord Narcisse: From now on, you're only allowed to dream about me.
Lady Lola: As you wish, Lord Narcisse. [10]

Lord Narcisse: Will you marry me?
Lady Lola: To marry you, is to defy my king, risk Catherine's wrath, and the judgement of my friends. And yet, you make me feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before. I can't believe I’m saying this, but yes. Yes I’ll marry you...Someday we will. But for now we must keep it a secret.
Lord Narcisse: For now. [10]

Lord Narcisse: I have many children of my own you know. Some of them turn out quite well. [10]

Lady Lola: As long as Francis has doubts, so will I. [10]

Lady Lola: For so long I thought my life belonged to a king. Now I’ve realized, my life really belongs to my son. [10]

Lady Lola: I know we’ve not yet discussed personal matters. But I will tell you something about my husband. I receive a letter from him nearly everyday. And I haven’t read one. They remain unopened, in a pile. Because he lied to me, and I deploy him. Even so. Without him the nights are long, and lonely. I can’t image what the night must be without the man you truly love. [20]

Lady Lola: Please go. While I still have the courage to say goodbye. [21]

Lady Lola: Protect my son! Tell John I love him. Tell him everyday! [21]

Lady Lola: Stéphane. Let me go. [21]


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