Narcisse and Catherine
Narcisse and Catherine
Real Names: Stéphane Narcisse
Queen Catherine
Ages: 40's
Status: Close



Kingdom of France

First appearance: Drawn and Quartered

Season 2 Season 3
"The man controls 90% of the grain in this regain, and in a famine that's not just wealth, that is power."
Queen Catherine

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


Queen Catherine: But how can I possibly help you? I'm irrelevant .[1]

Lord Narcisse: An advisor of my choice or regrettably there is no deal.
Queen Catherine: I shall get my grain elsewhere.
Lord Narcisse: You didn't come here because your heart bleeds for your starving countrymen. What are you hiding?
Queen Catherine: Perhaps I'm hiding a bleeding heart. [1]

Queen Catherine: What are you doing out here? There’s a party inside to celebrate the new King.
Lord Narcisse: And Queen
Queen Catherine: Her too .[1]

Queen Catherine: I’m not your wife. I won’t be frightened into your arms by a dead rat, or a dead Cardinal! [2]

Queen Catherine: Oh, that is so like him. A last gift so I never forget him or his whores. [3]

Queen Catherine: The fact that you heard about this from your still active network of spies, does not mean it’s open for discussion. [4]

Lord Narcisse: Give up this idea that nobody can know you, and still love you. [5]

Queen Catherine: Well I may be cooped up in a castle, never forget. My reach is far. [6]

Queen Catherine: I ease my fears because they are mine! Because they matter. I’m a woman. I won’t accept what that means anymore! I won’t bow to a lover. I was forced to do that once for a king. but you, are most certainly not a king. [6]

Queen Catherine: I have endured many trials. But nothing as painful as having to look upon the corpse of my decaying first born son. [7]

Queen Catherine: I’m not your wife. I won’t be frightened into your arms by a dead rat, or a dead Cardinal! [2]

Lord Narcisse: I only see one option. But it might be a little unseemly for a young King to authorize... So early in his reign.
Queen Catherine: Then he won’t authorize it. You’ll do whatever it is, and tell us after. [8]

Lord Narcisse: Our union is damaged beyond repair.
Queen Catherine: By me? By us?
Lord Narcisse: Yes.
Queen Catherine: That’s the most flattering thing you’ve ever said to me. [9]


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