Mary and Darnley's Wedding
Mary and Darnley's Wedding
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: 29 July 1565
In Honour of: Queen Mary
Lord Darnley
In Attendance: Queen Catherine of France

Lord James
Lord Bothwell
Lady Lennox
Lady Greer
David Rizzio

Episode: Pulling Strings
Description: Celebrting the union between House Tudor andStuart

History Events Married Season 4

The Wedding of Mary and Darnley took place in Scotland in early Spring in the year 1565.


The wedding was rushed as Mary Stuart needed a husband, and Lord Darnley was both English and from the House of Tudor.

Mary and Darnley were married in a small celebration at Holyrood Palace. With Queen Catherine in attendance representing the Kingdom of France, showing their union for this Chaotic Wedding.


Historical NotesEdit


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