Mary and Darnley
Mary and Darnley
Real Names: Queen Mary
King Darnley
Ages: 23 & 20
Status: Seperated


Length of Relationship:

6 months


Kingdom of Scotland
House of Stuart
House of Tudor

First appearance: With Friends Like These

Couples Married Season 4
"I made you King. But we will never be equals."
Queen Mary

Early lifeEdit

Season 4Edit


(To Lord Darnley)
Mary Stuart: All though I am curious. Have you already named our children? Or did you leave that part for me?
James Stuart: Well, I hope one of them will be called James. After our father. [1]

Mary Stuart: I’ll be honest Lord Darnley. I did nor expect to like you. But I do. [1]

Lord Darnley: If I am King for only as long as you live, then I say long live the Queen. [1]

(To Queen Mary)
James Stuart: He does have his father’s history to overcome. You knew that when you chose him.
Lord Darnley: Chose me like a prized pony. [2]

Lord Darnley: I do have a first name, you know. It’s Henry.
Mary Stuart: Darnley…
Lord Darnley: Darnley it is then. [2]

Lord Darnley: I let you win that race.
Mary Stuart: Oh really Lord Darnley. I was unaware that your crushing defeat was an act of charity. [3]

Lord Darnley: How dare you? I defied the Queen of England for you.
Mary Stuart: You loved it!
Lord Darnley: I did! [3]

Lord Darnley: I’m going to be your husband.
Mary Stuart: I had a husband! and I loved him and he was murdered in cold blood before my eyes. [3]

Lord Darnley: Before I met you, I loved someone. In that way that should have lasted a lifetime. [3]

Queen Mary: Darnley is a better man than you think.
James Stuart: Really. Who told you that. Darnley? [4]

Queen Mary: You will be my husband in name only. I will never be happy. And I will never forgive you. [4]

Queen Mary: Are you actually threatening your wife, and Queen when I'm carrying our child?! [5]

King Darnley: I will be a true King. And we will finally be equals.
Queen Mary: I made you King. But we will never be equals. [5]


Historical NotesEdit

  • War of the Rough Wooing Matthew Lennox soon married Lady Margaret Douglas, daughter of Margaret Tudor and half-sister of the deceased King James V. When the Parliament of Scotland rejected the Greenwich treaty, Lennox changed sides and supported King Henry VIII of England's military efforts to secure a marriage between in the War of the Rough Wooing. After the defeat of his supporters at the Battle of Glasgow Muir, he fled once more to England.



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References Edit

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