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Luc Narcisse
Luc Narcisse
Biographical Information
Real Name: Luc Narcisse
Title: Lord Luc
Age: 28
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: France
Wife: Princess Claude
Parents: Stéphane Narcisse (Father)
Family: Eduard Narcisse(Brother)
Lady Amelie (Cousin)
Affiliations: French Court
House of Narcisse
Claude and Luc
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 6'3
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Playing With Fire
Portrayed by: Steve Lund

Luc Narcisse is the son of Stéphane Narcisse and the husband of Princess Claude.


Early LifeEdit

Season 4Edit

Upon the request of Queen Leeza and his father Stéphane Narcisse, Luc Narcisse arrived at French Court to swoon and immediately marry Princess Claude. The two both understood it was an arranged marriage due to her indiscretions, but Luc promised to be faithful and wanted a happy marriage with her. Not long after his arrival did the two marry in a small Royal ceremony. [1]



Appearances Edit

Season Four
With Friends Like These A Grain Of Deception Leaps of Faith Playing With Fire Highland Games Love & Death Hanging Swords Unchartered Waters
Pulling Strings A Better Man Dead of Night The Shakedown Coup de Grace A Bride. A Box. A Body. Blood in the Water All It Cost Her

References Edit

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