Lord Narcisse
Stéphane Narcisse
Biographical Information
Real Name: Stéphane Narcisse
Title: Lord Narcisse

Lord Chancellor

Age: 39
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Current Location: England

The Tower of London

Wife: Lady Lola

Wife #3
Wife #2
Wife #1

Family: Unnamed Brother †

Unnamed Sister
Lady Amelie (Niece)

Children: Luc Narcisse (Son)

Eduard Narcisse(Son)

Interests: Queen Catherine

Princess Claude

Affiliations: French Court

House of Narcisse
Narcisse and Catherine
Narcisse and Claude
Narcisse and Lola

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'10
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Plague
Portrayed by: Craig Parker

Character Flag - France Noble Male Lord Married Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
"We'll see whose death is more painful. Yours, or my sons'."
Stéphane Narcisse

Stéphane Narcisse is an attractive gentleman, who is very manipulative and cut-throat. He owns most of the grain in France and is an incredibly rich man. He now works with the Crown, and just married Lady Lola.


Stéphane Narcisse is a very self-righteous, and attractive man. He thinks he deserves more and better because of his station, what he provides for the Kingdom, and because of his long history with the crown. He doesn't want to rule France, but certainly, control parts of it. He is a very cut-throat man and doesn't appear to have a limit as to what he won't do to get what he wants. No matter who's in his way.

Early LifeEdit

Stéphane was first married off when he was 15 to a very wealthy young woman. Under pressure from his father to produce an heir, Stéphane and his wife tried and failed to have a child. Resulting in an unknown number of miscarriages. Soon after her last miscarriage, they tried again. Her body was already too fragile and she bleeds out and dies.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Narcisse proposes to Lola as they're in bed. She accepts and he gives her an engagement ring. Later, she tells him that as long as Francis has his doubts about Narcisse's character she wouldn't marry him. Claude and Charles later call upon him to help when Constance falls unconscious from consuming too much opium, and he helps save her from dying. Charles tells Francis of how Narcisse saved Constance and Francis summons Narcisse to inform him that he'll bless his and Lola's marriage. He and Lola get married. They're embracing in the hallway as Catherine de Medici approaches them and wishes them a "long and happy life.

When Narcisse overhears Lola confronting Catherine about the dead rat and Catherine denying it, he quickly steps in and leaves with Lola. He assures Lola that she will be safe and that Catherine will be busy trying to get votes to be Regent. While on their honeymoon he sneaks out and Lola questions him about it but he deflects her questions by saying he was arranging breakfast and a tour of the vineyards. Later while they are eating, a peasant woman accuses Narcisse of tricking her illiterate father out of his land. He explains to Lola that he did it so that he would be able to take Jean's spot on the privy council and protect them from Catherine.



  • Described as “brilliant, sexual & fierce,” Narcisse is a devout Catholic with a “death grip” on French Court. But every man has his Achilles heel, and in this case, Narcisse will meet his match in Catherine de Medici.
  • "He lives in an age where life is cheap & he’ll trade lives to get what he wants. He has a complicated past & an intriguing romantic future.” He & Catherine “will score other dance partners as well.” - Laurie McCarthy


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