Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain
Kingdom of Spain
Real Name: Reino de España
King: Philip II
Queen: Queen Leeza
Royals: Catherine of Aragon

Prince Don Carlos

Location: Valladolid, Spain
Houses: House of Habsburg
Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France

Kingdom of England Flag - England

First Appearance: Pilot

The Kingdom of Spain is a lively and very traditional kingdom. It recently signed the Treaty of Vaucelles with France, after 8 years of war by marrying their King, with the first daughter of France, Princess Elisabeth.

Early lifeEdit

Catherine of Aragon was a Princess from Spain who married King Henry VIII of England, and eventually had a daughter Mary Tudor.


* 21 May 1527
Prince Philip II is born.

* 25 July 1554
Prince Philip II become king at the age of 27.

* 22 June 1557
King Philip II married Elisabeth of Valois from France.

Affiliation with FranceEdit

  • 1525

King Francis I was captured by the forces King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and held prisoner in Spain. To obtain his release, he agreed that Henry and his older brother would take his place in prison. Both boys were held and beaten for 3 years.

* 1551
King Henry II of France declared war on King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor of Spain.

* 1557
King Henry singed the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis to end a war with Spain, and married his daughter, Elisabeth of Valois off to Spain's King Philip
The wedding actually took place in 1558


  • The flag used for Spain is not historically correct. Since the Spanish flag changed so often at that time, a more recognizable flag will be used.

Family TreeEdit

Charles V
Isabella of Portugal †
King Philip
Elisabeth of Valois
Maria, Holy Roman Empress
Princess Joanna
Carlos, Prince of Asturias
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Catherine Michelle

Historical Family TreeEdit

Isabella of Portugal
Charles V
Maria Manuela †
King Philip
Queen Elisabeth
Archduchess Maria
Princess Joanna
John of Austria
Don Carlos
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Catherine Michelle

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