Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
Real Name: Kinrick o Scotland
King: Lord Darnley(Consort)

Francis Valois II(Consort) James Stuart V

Queen: Mary Stuart

Marie de Guise

Royals: James Stuart (Bastard)
Nobles: Lady Kenna (Lady-n-Waiting)

Lady Lola (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Greer (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Aylee(Lady-n-Waiting)
Lady Jane Grey
Lord Bothwell
Lord Cunningham
Lord Lennox
Lord McKenzie
Lord Taylor
Lord Thomas
Baron John Philip

Members: Munro

John Knox
Ridley Collins
Liam O'Mally
(Hired Swordsman)

Citizens: Mother Superior

Colin MacPhail
Fredrick Fleming
Robert Norwood
Ainsley Norwood
Colleen Norwood
Ellen Norwood

Location: The Convent

Edinburgh, Scotland
Linlithgow, Scotland
Solway Moss, Scotland

Houses: House of Stuart

House of Guise
House of Valois (Marriage)

Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France

Kingdom of England Flag - England
Kingdom of Hungary Flag - Hungary

First Appearance: Pilot

The Kingdom of Scotland is a small but strong kingdom that has been at war with England for 200 years. The conflict continued on until Margaret Tudor was sent to Scotland to marry King James V as part of the Treaty of Perpetual Peace between the two countries. However, 50 years later, the English wanted Scotland back under their thumb.



Margaret Tudor, was the older sister to the king of England, Henry VIII. She was sent to Scotland to marry James IV as part of a peace treaty.

King James V, son of Margaret Tudor was King of Scotland for 29 years and was crowned king at age 1. He died at 30, leaving his 6-day old daughter, Mary Stuart, as Queen.

Mary Stuart became Queen when she was 6 days old. The English wanted Scotland back under their rule and feared that the Tudor blood in Mary would lead the English people to want her on the throne, which resulted in the attempts on her life.

Season OneEdit

Marie de Guise returned to Edinburgh after her daughter's wedding to rule in Scotland, until her return. [1]

Months later James Stuart urged his sister Mary to return to Scotland and rule, as the Protestants were becoming restless. [2]

Season TwoEdit

Francis and Mary where is talks for Mary to return to Scotland. [3]

3 months later, Mary Stuart decided to return to rule in Edinburgh, Scotland, & asked Louis Condé to join her. [4]

Season ThreeEdit

Mary Stuart, Sebastian and Lord Narcisse along with mercenaries and French soldiers all board a ship for Edinburgh. [5]

Mary and Bash were still determined to make it to Edinburgh Castle, but Stéphane Narcisse had broken away from them to head to England. [6]

James Stuart and John Knox had been debating over the possible death of Queen Mary. Soon a vote was called to demolish the Scottish monarchy, and create a political democracy. However before any official decisions were made, Queen Mary and Sebastian arrived, and Mary took back her throne. [7]


* 10 December 1502
Margaret Tudor of England marries James IV of Scotland.

* 10 April 1512
Margaret Tudor and James IV have their first and only child, Prince James V.

* 9 September 1513
Prince James V becomes king of Scotland at age 1.

* 8 December 1542
Princess Mary is born. She is the third child, but only living legitimate child, of King James V and Marie de Guise.

* 14 December 1542
King James V died, & Princess Mary had her coronation ceremony, becoming Queen of Scotland the same day.

* 4 April 1558
The Scottish Queen had a secret and a very small wedding with the Dauphin of France to unionize Scotland and France together, agreeing to take the English Crown.

* 14 April 1558
Queen Mary and Prince Francis had a public wedding at Notre Dame de in Paris.

Conflict with EnglandEdit

  • 1542

The Battle of Solway Moss began when King Henry VIII requested that his nephew leave The Catholic Church with him in rebellion against the Pope. However King James V declined.

  • 1549

King Edward VI made an assassination attempt of the life on the 7-year old Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, while she was living in France. Their attempt failed and Mary was hidden at a convent.

  • 1557

Mary Tudor make another attempt on the Scottish Queen when she was 15 years old. They located the convent she had been living at for the past six years and attempted to kill her with food poisoning. Mary has then been sent back to French court for her protection.

Historical NotesEdit

  • King James VI of Scotland wore the same clothes for months on end, even sleeping in them on occasion. He also wore the same hat forn 24 hours a day until it fell apart. He didn't take a bath as he thought it was bad for his health.

Family TreeEdit

Henry Tudor VII
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry Tudor VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary Tudor
Queen Elizabeth Tudor
Frances Brandon
King James Stuart
Lady Lennox
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
King Francis
Queen Mary Stuart
Lord Darnley
King James Stuart

Historical Family TreeEdit

Henry Tudor
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry Tudor
Anne Boleyn
Margaret Tudor
James Stuart IV
Queen Mary
Queen Elizabeth
Lady Margaret Erskine
King James Stuart V
Mary of Guise
James Stuart
Qyeen Mary
King Francis
King James Stuart VI

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References Edit

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