James Stuart
James Stuart
Biographical Information
IRL: History's James Stuart
Real Name: James Stuart
Title: 1st Earl of Moray
Born: 1531
Age: 34
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Scotland
Parents: King James V(Father)

Lady Margaret Erskine † (Mother)

Family: Mary Stuart (Half-Sister)

King Henry VIII
Mary Tudor(Cousin)
Queen Elizabeth (Cousin)
Edward Tudor(Cousin)
King Francis(Brother-in-law)

Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

House of Stuart

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'10
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: No Exit
Portrayed by: Dan Jeannotte

Joe Doyle (Season One)


Character Flag - Scotland Male Bastard Noble Lord Season 1 Season 3 Season 4
"And if I care about my sister, what do I do about you!"
James Stuart

James Stuart is the older illegitimate half-brother of the Queen of Scotland born to James V and one of his mistresses, Margaret Erskine.


James Stuart is a cautious young man. He is always looking out for his country, and his beloved sister, Mary. Though he and the majority of the country are Protestant, he still strongly believes his Catholic sister should be on the throne.

Early lifeEdit

Mary and James have a very close relationship. They have always written each other letters, and though Mary's death would make him king, he has always told her of plots discovered to kill her.

Season 1Edit

James Stuart arrived in France without warning to warn his sister of pending trouble in Scotland. Mary commented how she liked his new beard, but James only had troubling news. The Scottish people were growing upset with her French Mother, Marie de Guise who also had over half of her council French. Their country no longer felt important to their Queen. James arrived to try and bring his sister back to Scotland.

James was put off when he finds out that Mary and Francis wanted to both go to Scotland together. He didn't think the Scottish people would respond well to more French men and a French king, when all they wanted were more Scots to be given power and position. Mary promised her country would be happy to see them both, and announced once Francis' business was finished they would leave. James went to make sure everyone was ready for the journey.

Hours later, unbeknown to James his footman was caught with English gold. He was soon tortured for information by Francis. He revealed he'd been paid to kill Queen Mary on her voyage home. He didn't know by whom, but it was Protestants that wanted James on the throne.

No Exit - James Stuart 14

James urges Mary to return home.

The next day James warned Mary that the Scottish were planning to start a rebellion. They didn't want to be ruled by the French, or Catholics and were making plans to remove Marie by force. James had heard this informations from Mary's own envoy, and had no doubt of it being true. He urged his sister to come home with him, it would be the only thing to stop the uprising, telling her Francis could follow when he was able. Mary agreed to leave with him and told her maids to pack enough for two weeks.

James was informed that Mary and Francis would be traveling together a couple days after he left, and they would meet each other in Scotland.

James found out his sister was locked in The Tower and Francis or Mary would not be coming to Scotland.

Season 2Edit

James warned Mary of the growing rebellions in Scotland, and how the Protestants were taking over. He urged Mary to come back to Scotland to save her crown before she was over throne.

Season 3Edit


  • James has a Scottish accent, while Mary does not.
  • Like Sebastian, James was born a bastard to his father, king James, from his favourite mistresses.


Historical NotesEdit


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Family TreeEdit

Lady Margaret Erskine †
King James V
Marie de Guise
James Stuart
Mary Stuart
King Francis

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House of Stuart
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Ancestors:King James Stuart IV of Scotland · King James V of Scotland · Mary, Queen of Scots
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