House of Stuart
House of Stuart
Real Name: House of Stuart
Kings: James VI and I

James V of Scotland

Queens: Mary I of Scotland
Nobles: James Stuart


Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
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House of Stuart is a very powerful and Influential Family in Scotland. They currently hold the position of power and have for 8 generations.

Powerful Family MembersEdit

The Stuart's produced 8 Monarchs of Scotland.

  • King Robert II of Scotland - 1371-1390
  • Robert III, King of Scotland - 1390-1406
  • King James I of Scotland - 1406-1437
  • James II, King of Scotland - 1437-1460
  • James III, King of Scotland - 1460-1488
  • James IV of Scotland - 1488-1513
  • James V of Scotland - 1513-1542
  • Mary I of Scotland - 1542-July 1567
  • James VI and I - 1567 – 1625

The Stuart's produced 6 Monarchs of Great Britain and Ireland.

  • James VI of Scotland / James I of England - 1603 – 1625
  • Charles I of England, Scotland & Ireland - 1625-1649
  • Charles II of England, Scotland & Ireland - 1649-1660
  • James VII of Scotland / James II of England and Ireland - 1685-1689
  • Mary II of England, Scotland and Ireland - 1689-1694
  • Anne of Great Britain and Ireland - 1702-1714


* 10 December 1502
Margaret Tudor of England marries James IV of Scotland.

* 10 April 1512
Margaret Tudor and James IV have their first and only child, Prince James V.

* 9 September 1513
Prince James V becomes king of Scotland at age 1.

* 8 December 1542
Princess Mary is born. She is the third child, but only living legitimate child, of King James V and Marie de Guise.

  • 1542

The Battle of Solway Moss began when King Henry VIII requested that his nephew leave The Catholic Church with him in rebellion against the Pope. However King James V declined.

* 14 December 1542
King James V dies, and Princess Mary has her coronation ceremony, becoming Queen of Scotland the same day.

* 4 April 1558
The Scottish Queen had a secret and a very small wedding with the Dauphin of France to unionize Scotland and France together, agreeing to take the English Crown.

* 14 April 1558
Queen Mary and Prince Francis have a public wedding at Notre Dame de in Paris.

Family TreeEdit

Family TreeEdit

Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
King Henry Tudor VIII
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary Tudor
Queen Elizabeth Tudor
King James Stuart V
Marie de Guise
Lady Lennox
James Stuart
Mary Stuart
King Darnley
King James Stuart

Closer LookEdit

Henry Tudor †
Elizabeth of York †
Catherine of Aragon
Henry Tudor
Anne Boleyn
Margaret Tudor †
James Stuart IV
Mary Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor
Lady Margaret Erskine
James Stuart V
Mary of Guise
James Stuart
Mary Stuart
King Francis
King James Stuart

Real Life Members by BirthEdit

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House of Stuart
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House of Stuart
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