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Claude of Valois
History's Princess Claude of Valois
Biographical Information
Real Name: Claude of Valois
Title: Duchess of Lorraine
Born: 12 November 1547
Death: 21 February 1575
Age: 27
Religion: Roman Catholic
House: House of Valois
Gender: Female Female
Originally From: Fontainebleau, France
Parents: King Henry (Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Husband: Charles, Duke of Lorraine
Family: King Francis (Brother)

Queen Elisabeth (Sister)
Prince Louis (Brother)
King Charles (Brother)
Prince Henry (Brother)
Queen Margaret (Sister)
Francis of Valois (Brother)
Joanna of Valois (Sister)
Victoria of Valois (Sister)

Children: Henry II, Duke of Lorraine

Christina of Lorraine
Charles of Lorraine
Antoinette of Lorraine
Francis II Duke of Lorraine
Catherine of Lorraine
Elisabeth of Lorraine
Claude of Lorraine

Affiliations: House of Lorraine
COD: During Childbirth
TV Character Information
First appearance: The Prince of the Blood
Portrays: Princess Claude
Portrayed by: Rose Williams

Claude of Valois was 2nd daughter of King Henry II of France, and
was married to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine from her own country.
She was raised as her mother's Catherine de' Medici's favourite.


Claude was raised alongside her sister Elisabeth, the future Queen of Spain, and her sister-in-law, Mary, Queen of Scots.

Claude was married to the Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, when she was only 13 years old on 19 January 1559.

Later in lifeEdit

Princess Claude was her mother's favourite daughter. Claude often left Nancy, (The capital of Lorraine) to live closer to her mother, in the heart of France. In return, Catherine would visit her daughter in Lorraine.

On 23 August 1572, Against her mother's wishes, Claude tried to warn her younger sister Marguerite de Valois of the danger she would face as the new wife of King of Navarre on the night of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre.

Princess Claude died at the age of 27 during childbirth.


  • Suffered from a hunchback and club foot.
  • Was her mother's favourite daughter
  • Had 10 children.

Family TreeEdit

Francis of Valois
Claude of France
Prince Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
Queen Mary
King Francis
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Prince Charles
Prince Henry
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Catherine Michelle
Henry II, Duke of Lorraine
Christina of Lorraine
Marie Elisabeth

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