This is a page to keep track of what is going on on Reign. It will also compared the show to the real-life time
of the characters.


  • King Henry - Was a kind and fair ruler. He had 3 illegitimate children and 10 children with his wife Catherine de' Medici (7 of whom lived to adulthood). After the suspicious death of his older brother, Henry became the next-in-line to the throne and became King at 28. He and Catherine were married for 26 years, although he kept his most favorite mistress Diane de Poitiers at Court.
  • Queen Catherine - Grew up in Italy and moved to France at 14 to marry prince Henry, and became Queen at 28. She had 10 children, 7 whom grew to adulthood. She was a more strict mother & Queen, and was cousins with her husbands mistress, Diane de Poitiers.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots - Was Queen of Scotland 6 days after birth and sent to France at age 5 to marry Prince Francis. She and Francis married when she was 15 years old and he was 14. She was queen on France & Scotland for less than 2 years.
  • King Francis - Was a sickly, and short prince who got married at 14. He was king for a year and a half before he died of an ear infection.


  • 1521 - The Italian War of 1521–1526, also know as Four Years' War broke out across Western Europe.
  • 12 October 1537 - Prince Edward is born to King Henry VIII of England and his third wife Jane Seymour.
  • 14 December 1542 - King James V of Scotland dies.
  • 19 January 1544 - Prince Francis, the 1st child of Prince Henry and Catherine is born.
  • 2 April 1545 - Princess Elizabeth, the 2nd child of Prince Henry and Catherine, is born.
  • 28 January 1547 - King Henry VIII of England dies and Prince Edward becomes King Edward VI.
  • 12 November 1547 - Princess Claude, the 4th child of King Henry and Queen Catherine, is born.
  • 1549 - King Edward VI of England orders a hit on Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland. [1]
  • 27 June 1550 - |Prince Charles, the 5th child of King Henry and Queen Catherine, is born.
  • 19 September 1551 - Prince Henry, the 6th child of King Henry and Queen Catherine, is born.
  • 16 January 1556 - Prince Philip of Spain, becomes King of Spain.

Season 1Edit

End of Winter 1559 - Prince Francis leads a group of 6 men & take back Calais. [2]

  • 4 April 1558 - Mary, Queen of Scots signed a secret agreement bequeathing Scotland and her claim to England to the French crown if she dies without children. [3] [4]

Start of Winter 1558 - 16 year old Mary & Francis marry each other while at French Court. [5]

Start of Winter 1558 - 16 year old Mary & Francis marry at Notre Dame off-screen. [5]

June 1559 - Queen Mary Tudor, who is married to Philip II of Spain died from a timor. [6]

Spring 1558 - 20-something Elisabeth married late 20's Phil, both in France. [1]

Spring 1558 - 20-something Elisabeth married late 20's Phil, both in France. [1]

  • 10 July 1559 - King Henry dies in a jousting accident 5 days after his daughter's wedding & his son |Francis becomes king of France at 15.[6]

June 1559 - Henry's beings to loose his mind and his son secretly kills him during jousting competition. [6]

Summer 1558 - Catherine agree's to help Henry on the condition He gives her Château de Chenonceau. [5]

Season 2Edit

  • The Black Plague hit Europe around every 10 years, or so. In Europe there were oubreaks in 1544–1548 and 1563–1566.

Late Summer 1558 - The Black Plague hits France [5]

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