Couples Season 3 Season 4
Gideon and Mary
Gideon and Mary
Real Names: Gideon Blackburn
Queen Mary


Length of Relationship:

Couple weeks


Kingdom of England
Kingdom of Scotland

First appearance: Fight or Flight

Gideon Blackburn is the new English envoy in France, replacing Lord Nicholas. He was recently imprisoned in The Tower of London but later was released by Queen Elizabeth with orders to seduce Queen Mary.

Early LifeEdit

Imprisoned in The Tower of London by Queen Elizabeth because he worked for Mary Tudor in a plot to remove the former; he was later released by Queen Elizabeth to do her bidding.

Season 3Edit

Gideon Blackburn was released from The Tower of London by her majesty Queen Elizabeth. She informed him he would be the new envoy of England and was going to be sent to France. While there, his 'diplomatic mission', so to say, would be to seduce Queen Mary. [1]

Gideon introduced himself to Queen Mary, and made sure to flatter her in what looked like an accident. Later, he followed her during the nobles game of 'The Hound and the Hare' He gallantly carried her back to the castle after she twisted her ankle following Prince Don Carlos of Spain around. [2]


Gideon Blackburn: (After carrying Mary, before putting her down) Your light as a feather, I swear! [2]

Queen Mary: I need proof before the wedding happens.
Gideon Blackburn: That's tomorrow.
Queen Mary: Yes. So you better get to it. [3]

Queen Mary: Ambassador Gideon, you look like a man working out his frustrations, perhaps I should take a swing, as we are both frustrated with the same Queen. [4]

Gideon Blackburn: The day may come where we may find ourselves on the battle field. What would you do then?
Queen Mary: I will be forced to strike you down. [5]

Queen Mary: The Vatican has refused to fund my mission to reclaim my throne. Respectfully. Gideon I have lost everything. My mother, my husband, now my country and not even Rome will help me get it back. [6]

Gideon Blackburn: A relationship born is deceit often dies there. [6]

Gideon Blackburn: I'm asking you to marry me. but I’m begging you to save your own life. [7]

Gideon Blackburn: Tell me this. Do you think we can be happy together?
Mary Stuart: Yes.
Gideon Blackburn: For tonight. That’s all I need to know. [7]

Gideon Blackburn: Mary, this is a course you cannot step back from. And if you take it, I fear I am looking at a dead woman.
Mary Stuart: We all die Gideon. The question is what we stood for while we lived. [7]


  • Gideon and Mary admit their attraction to one another and consummate their relationship. [6][8][9]
  • Gideon killed Jeffery, his valet (secret spy informing Queen Elizabeth of Gideon's 'affairs') to keep Mary Stuart safe. [6]


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