Gideon Blackburn
Gideon Blackburn
Biographical Information
Real Name: Gideon Blackburn
Title: English Ambassador
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: England
Wife: Unnamed †

Queen Elizabeth (Briefly)

Children: Agatha Blackburn
Interests: Queen Mary (Former)

Queen Elizabeth

Affiliations: Kingdom of England

Gideon and Mary
Gideon and Elizabeth‏‎

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Fight or Flight
Portrayed by: Ben Geurens

Character Flag - England Male Noble Married Season 3 Season 4

Gideon Blackburn is the new English envoy in France, replacing Lord Nicholas. He was recently imprisoned in The Tower of London but released by Queen Elizabeth with order to seduce Queen Mary.

Early LifeEdit

Imprisoned in The Tower of London by Queen Elizabeth because he worked for Queen Mary Tudor. Queen Mary ordered Gideon to seduce the young Princess Elizabeth, and failed to do so due to Elizabeth's feelings for her friend Robert Dudley. He was later released by Queen Elizabeth to do her bidding.


He is sweet and heroic, and funny without meaning to be. However, it is not known how much of this is real, and what is an act.

Season 3Edit

Gideon Blackburn was released from The Tower of London by her majesty Queen Elizabeth. She informed him he would be the new envoy of England and was going to be sent to France. While there, he was to seduce Queen Mary. [1]

Gideon Blackburn met with Queen Mary, introducing himself, and made sure to flatter her in what looked like an accident. Later he followed her during the nobles game of 'The Hound and the Hare' He gallantly carried her back to the castle after she twisted her ankle following Don Carlos around. [2]



Season Three
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References Edit

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