Character Flag - France Noble Male Deceased
General Gaghan
General Gaghan
Biographical Information
Real Name: General Gaghan
Title: General Gaghan
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: France
Current Location: France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Catherine de' Medici

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: To The Death
Portrayed by: Patrick Galligan

At ease, loser.

Season 3Edit

Thanks to negotioations between Queen Elizabeth and Queen Catherine General Gaghan was released back into French custody as part of a prisoner trade for Gideon Blackburn. [1]

Unpon his arrivial back in France, General Gaghan made it clear to Catherine that if she wish for further asiatnace from him and his generals that they would all have to be paid in full. Catherine aggreed, and informed him of a dinner they would be having in two weeks where they would recieve their gold as payment. [2]

Two weeks later, they were all paid in full, but soon poison minutes into the dinner by The Red Knights. [2]

Historical NotesEdit

  • General Gaghan did not exist in real life.

References Edit

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