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Ellen Norwood
Ellen Norwood
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ellen Norwood
Title: Lady Ellen
Age: 21
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Linlithgow, Scotland
Current Location: France
Husband: Lord Thomas
Parents: Robert Norwood (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Family: Greer Castleroy (Sister)

Ainsley Norwood (Sister)
Colleen Norwood (Sister)
1 Unnamed Sister
Rose Castleroy (Niece)

Affiliations: House of Norwood
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Bruises That Lie
Portrayed by: Lyla Porter-Follows

Ellen Norwood is the older sister of Greer Castleroy and the new wife of Lord Thomas. They are unable to have children of their own, so were secretly adopting Greer's unborn baby until they had a falling out.

Season 3Edit

Ellen met up with her sister at her tavern with her new husband, Lord Thomas. She had a fake baby bump on her body, to cover for the fact that she was going to be taking Greer's baby once she was born. Greer made her promise she would raise the child without caring about station, or worried about titles like they had been raised. Greer also explained how she was going to be paying for their house, because she and the baby's father wished to watch their child grow.

She later goes behind her sister's back as Ellen knows Greer is a lot more attach to her child as she claims which leads Greer to break off their agreement.


  • Ellen and her sisters' lost the dowries that were promised to them after Lord Castleroy was locked up. [1] [2]
  • Her father married her off to anyone he could find with a title, even if they had no money.
  • Ellen, and Greer are the only ones in their families with titles.



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