Season 3 Couples
Elizabeth and Robert
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Real Names: Queen Elizabeth
Lord Robert Dudley
Ages: Mid 20's
Status: In Love

Secret Lovers

Length of Relationship:

10+ years


Kingdom of England

First appearance: Three Queens, Two Tigers

Early lifeEdit

Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley are childhood friends and grew up together. When they were in their late teens/early 20's, they were locked in The Tower of London together by Elizabeth's sister Mary Tudor who was Queen at the time, and both faced pending death. After Robert was released, he continued to visit Elizabeth, even taking care of her with his own money.

Years later, after Robert had begged Elizabeth to marry him, he chose to marry Amy Dudley, much to Elizabeth's dismay.

Season 3Edit

After much debate, and not wanting to loose Robert above all else, Elizabeth announces to her council that she doesn't believe Robert Dudley is not qualified enough to be the English ambassador to France. He angrily confronts her about making a fool of him in front of everyone and storms away. When they're alone, they argue and Elizabeth claims that his marriage is the real problem. She tasks Nicholas with being the English ambassador to France and spying on the French royals. [1]


Robert Dudley: Let me hold you in my arms Elizabeth, or let me leave court. [2]

Queen Elizabeth: I love you Robert. But this thing between us. It must end. [3]

Queen Elizabeth: Amy is dead. Our baby is gone. And to what end? We are lost to each other. [4]

Robert Dudley: I will always love you Elizabeth. Always. [4]

Queen Elizabeth: The English did this to me. For daring to love who I want. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps I forgot what it means to be a queen. [4]

Robert Dudley: How could you do this to me? Marry me off your your rival? Your enemy. You know I love you!
Queen Elizabeth: I know. And I believe you’ll be loyal to me until the day you die.
Robert Dudley: Then Why?
Queen Elizabeth: To save you. Live in France with her, live in Scotland, I don’t care. But live. You will always have my heart. [5]


Historical NotesEdit


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