Duke Francis
Duke Francis III
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Duke Francis
Real Name: Prince Francis of Valois
Title: Francis III, Duke of Brittany

Prince Francis

Born: 28 February 1518
Dies: 10 August 1536
Age: 18
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Amboise, France
Current Location: Saint-Denis, France
Parents: Francis of Valois(Father)

Claude † (Mother)

Family: Henry(Brother)

Catherine (Sister-In-Law)

Affiliations: House of Valois
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'8
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Liege Lord
Portrayed by: Brendan Cox

Character Historical Figure Flag - France Male ♔ Prince Dauphin of France Deceased Season 1
"Give them time to confess to tell their sins, and due penance.
Let their souls be whipped clean. God would like that best.
Everyone wants to confess.
Duke Francis III

Francis was the Duke of Brittany, and the next in-line to be King. Until his death at 18 when he died a week after collapsing in the middle of a tennis match. He was succeeded by his younger brother Prince Henry.

Early LifeEdit

A young King Henry and himself were indeed traded by their own father, the King of France in 1525 as replacement hostages and held in Spain by King Charles V for 3 years until Francis was about 11 years old.

Raised to be the next king of France until his death as a teenager when he was 18 after drinking water during a tennis match.

Season 1Edit

Liege Lord - (Witnessed)
King Henry saw an image of his brother holding a tennis racket and in a white shirt briefly while in The Throne Room.

Toy Soldiers - (Witnessed)
King Henry saw another image of his brother while he was in his chambers.

No Exit - (Witnessed)
Henry again saw his brother looking at him while he was in his room.

Long Live The King
Henry watched his brother, and told him he had decided to kill his son, and take his wife as his Queen. Then they would take England together.

Slaughter Of Innocence
He cautioned his brother to let the guilty confess their since when he had gathered the court at dawn.

He was in Henry's room while he was dying. He was asked by Henry for forgiveness for killing him when he was younger. Francis held out his hand for his brother to come with him, into the light.


  • A young King Henry and himself were traded by their own father in 1525 as replacement hostages and held in Spain by King Charles V for 3 years until he was about 11 years old. [1]
  • His brother, King Henry admitted to poisoning his water at a tennis match. [2]
  • His brother named his first born son after him, and their father.
  • Credited as Tennis Boy.

Historical NotesEdit

  • Duke Francis of France was engaged to Princess Mary Tudor of England when he was a small child.
  • A young King Henry II and himself were indeed traded by their own father in 1525 as replacement hostages and held in Spain by King Charles V for 3 years until Francis was about 11 years old.
  • His younger brother Henry married Catherine de' Medici before a wife was decided upon for him.
  • Was to be king of France but died after a tennis match at 18 years old. He was rumored to be poisoned.
  • Died on the 10th of August 1536 when he was 18.


Season One
Pilot Snakes in the Garden Kissed Hearts and Minds A Chill in the Air Chosen Left Behind Fated For King and Country Sacrifice Inquisition
Royal Blood Consummation Dirty Laundry The Darkness Monsters Liege Lord No Exit Toy Soldiers Higher Ground Long Live The King Slaughter Of Innocence

Family TreeEdit

Francis of Valois
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
King Francis
Queen Mary
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margaret
John Philip
Don Carlos

References Edit

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