David Rizzio
David Rizzio
Biographical Information
IRL: History's David Rizzio
Real Name: David Rizzio
Born: 1533
Dies: 9 March 1565
Age: 33
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Wife: Lady Jean Gordon †
Parents: Patrick Hepburn † (Father)

Agnes Sinclair † (Mother)

Interests: Mary Stuart
Affiliations: Kingdom of Italy
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'10
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Unchartered Waters
Portrayed by: Andrew Shaver

Character Flag - Italy Male Deceased Season 4
David Rizzio

Lord Bothwell is a prominent Scottish nobleman, with an infatuation for Mary Stuart.

It is revealed in Coup de Grace that David is a homosexual, and used this as a leverage for Mary. However, his threat to Lord Ruthven was proved to be deadly, as Ruthven desperately wanted to seal the secret about his sexuality that he accused David of adultery and ordered his execution in front of Mary.

Early lifeEdit

David Rizzio was traveling from the Kingdom of Italy to the Kingdom of Scotland, after his cart broke he was captured by druids. Among them was Sebastian who forced him to deliver a message to Mary Stuart.

Season 4Edit



Historical NotesEdit

  • David Rizzio was an Italian courtier, born close to Turin, a descendant of an ancient and noble family still living in Piedmont
  • There is evidence that David Rizzio was sexually involved with a man
  • David Rizzio and Mary, Queen of Scots had known each other for approximately 5 years as they had met in 1561, after Mary's return to Scotland, until his death in 1566.
  • David Rizzio was murdered on March 9 March 1566. Mary, Queen of Scots who was 7 months pregnant, was held at gunpoint and Riccio was stabbed numerous times. He was stabbed 56 times by King Darnley, and his friends. His murder was lead by Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord Ruthven


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