Male Actor Flag - Australia
Ben Geurens
Ben Geurens
Biographical Information
Born: 24 December 1979
Age: 35
Originally From: Australia
Flag - Australia
Twitter: @bgeurens
Personal Information
First appearance: Fight or Flight
Portrays: Gideon Blackburn

Ben Geurens (24 December 19792) is an Australian actor. He portrays Gideon Blackburn on Reign.

Life and CareerEdit



  • Graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art with a degree in Performing Arts in 2004.

Reign Episode GuideEdit

Season Three
Three Queens, Two Tigers
Extreme Measures
The Price
In A Clearing
Fight or Flight
The Hound and the Hare
Our Undoing
Bruises That Lie
No Way Out
Strange Bedfellow
To The Death
Safe Passage
Spiders In a Jar


  • Does not include all credits.
Year Title Role Notes
1990 Neighbours Toby Mangel 83 Episodes
1993 Body Melt Brandon Noble Movie
1994 Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Michael O'Neil 54 Episodes
2006 Home and Away Ash Nader 12 Episodes
2009 The Jesters Steve Morris 16 Episodes
2014 Winners & Losers dam Grbowski 14 Episodes
2015 Reign Gideon Blackburn 9 Episodes

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