Character Flag - England Noble Female
Beatrice Somerset
Beatrice Somerset
Biographical Information
Real Name: Beatrice Somerset
Title: Lady Beatrice Somerset
Age: 60's
Originally From: England
Current Location: England
Affiliations: Kingdom of England
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'8
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: To The Death
Portrayed by: Krystin Pellerin

Beatrice Somerset, was invited by Queen Elizabeth to celebrate the 50-year mark of King Henry VIII's coronation.

Season 3Edit

Queen Elizabeth announced she was going to give a golden apple to the first 100 people in line during King Henry VIII's 50 Year Coronation Celebration. While Beatrice Somerset was in line, Lady Lola tried to put pearls into her purse. She broke the necklace and, in the commotion the Queen had them both arrested.

While in The Tower of London, Lola expressed a man had told her to do it. She thought it was a game between the two. Beatrice told her how she believed the Queen was behind it. She had betrayed her mother, Anne Boleyn who was her best friend and in-turn, helped in her beheading.

Three days later, she was released from jail after she returned the lands she had been given from King Henry VIII for her help as penance.

Historical NotesEdit

Beatrice Somerset was based on Elizabeth Somerset, the lady who's testimony ultimately caused Anne's execution.

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